Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System

Delux Cleaning Kit

We are pleased that you have chosen the Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System. When used in the manner prescribed by these instructions, your Bore Squeeg-E™ kit will provide many years of efficient and effective cleaning of your firearms. It will allow you to quickly clean the bore and action of your firearms without the use of caustic chemicals or wasteful and ineffective patches. This system restores, and in some cases improves the accuracy of your firearms without introducing corrosive compounds to your firearms. The Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System is unlike any other cleaning system available. Traditional methods of cleaning a firearm don’t always apply when using the Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System. As such, careful review and understanding of the following instructions are essential to ensure proper cleaning of your firearms and avoid any unintentional damage to your Bore Squeeg-E™ components.

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  • 1X Rifle Pull Cable
  • 1X Pistol Pull Cable
  • 1X Threaded Cable Connector
  • 1X .22/.223/5.56mm Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .243 Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .270/7mm Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .308/7.62mm Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .9mm/.380/.357 Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .40/10mm Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .44/.45 Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .50/.410 Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X 20ga/28ga Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X 12ga/16ga Bore Squeeg-E™
  • 1X .50 Nylon Brush (Rifle Length)
  • 1X Carry Pouch
  • 1X .308/7.62mm Bronze Brush
  • 1X .22/.223/5.56mm Bronze Brush
  • 1X .40/10mm Bronze Brush
  • 1X .44/.45 Bronze Brush
  • 1X .17 Handheld Bronze Brush
  • 1X .50 Nylon Brush (Pistol Length)
  • 1X 10ga Nylon Brush
  • 1X 20ga Nylon Brush
  • 1X 10ga Bronze Brush
  • 1X .50 Bronze Brush
  • 1X Flat Nylon Brush w/ Scraper Tool & Cap
  • 1X “T” Pull Handle
  • 1X “Tomahawk” Brush
  • 1X 2-Sided Pick
  • 1X Bore Cleaner & Polish (1.0 fl oz)
  • 2X Snap-Lid Brush/Bore Squeeg-E™ Containers

This system is unlike any other. Read and follow carefully.

  1. Make sure your firearm is unloaded before beginning any cleaning action.

  2. image 2.png Open the action of the firearm, and if possible, remove the bolt assembly from the upper receiver, or the barrel from the slide if applicable.

  3. For bore diameters of .22 cal to .30 cal use the .50 cal Nylon Chamber/Bore Brush. For bore diameters between .30 cal and .50 cal use the 20 Gauge Nylon Brush. For bore diameters greater than .50 cal use the 10 Gauge Nylon or bronze brush. CAUTION: Never use larger than the .50 cal Nylon brush in a .22 cal bore. Connect the appropriate brush to the stainless cable. Your kit has a carbine cable and a pistol cable which can be linked together to clean long barreled firearms.

  4. Hold the upper receiver (or barrel) with the muzzle pointed downward. Drop the knurled end of the cable into the chamber and allow it to feed through the barrel and drop out the muzzle end.

  5. Pull the knurled end of the cable just enough to allow the Nylon chamber/bore brush to enter the chamber area.

  6. image 6.png Apply 8 drops of the #1 Bore Cleaner & Polish into the chamber area onto the brush. The Nylon brush must be under considerable compression to work properly. Unlike Bronze Bore Brushes, the Nylon brushes can be run through smaller bore diameters without permanently bending the bristles. CAUTION: Never attempt to pull a Nylon brush through the bore without using the #1 Bore Cleaner & Polish or some type of lubricant. See instruction #3 for the appropriate Nylon brush for the bore size being cleaned.

  7. image 7.png Position the barrel so that you can pull the brush straight through the bore keeping the cable centered in the bore. Use the plastic T-handle to assist pulling the brush through the bore.

  8. Repeat the above process four more times each time applying 6 to 8 drops of the polish compound.

  9. image 9.png Remove the brush and attach the appropriate Bore Squeeg-E™ to the stainless cable. CAUTION: Be sure that the designated number marked on the stem of the Bore Squeeg-E™ is compatible with the bore diameter that you are cleaning. If a Bore Squeeg-E™ is larger in diameter than the bore is used, it will likely damage the tool and could lodge in the bore.

  10. image 10.png With the appropriate Bore Squeeg-e™ attached, pull the Squeeg-e straight through from the chamber toward the muzzle. Pull at a slow steady pace, keeping the cable centered in the bore. Pistol and shotgun Squeeg-es will clean the chamber as well as the bore. Inspect the bore for copper fouling. Most firearms, unless neglected for thousands of rounds, will show a bright and polished bore.

  11. image 11.png If copper or lead fouling is present, repeat the above process with the appropriate Nylon brush or for quicker results use an appropriate sized Bronze Bore Brush (sold separately).

  12. You can now begin to clean the bolt assembly, trigger group, and upper and lower receiver units as needed. All of these parts can be cleaned well using the Flat Nylon Brush provided and Bore Rinse*. The handle end of the provided Flat Nylon Brush is sharp and contoured to aid in the removal of carbon build-up on the bolt and receiver areas. Remember to replace the rubber cap when not using the scraper. Apply Bore Rinse directly to fouled areas.

  13. image 13.png The stainless steel “Tomahawk” and .17 cal Bronze Brushes are provided to aid in cleaning carbon off of the bolt assembly. For a better grip, simply thread the end of the brush into the end of the plastic T-handle. You can thread the “Tomahawk” and Bore Brushes into the threaded end of the pull handle for cleaning revolver chambers, inside the bolt, or other areas in the receiver. The .17 cal Bronze brush can be threaded into the smaller hole in the end of the handle opposite the threaded end. While pushing the brush into the hole, turn counter-clockwise and the twisted wire will lock itself into place.

  14. image 14.png Final cleaning of the upper receiver (breech, chamber, and barrel area) is accomplished by using the above recommended #2 Bore Rinse*. While holding the barrel straight down with the muzzle in an appropriate catch basin, start applying the flushing product at the highest point in the receiver and with a brush, work all the grit and grime toward the chamber. Use the Flat Nylon Brush to move the solution toward the chamber area. Once the debris is flushed past the chamber, rinse the chamber itself to insure that it is totally clean. Let the barrel stand straight up and down with the muzzle in the catch basin for a few minutes to drain.

  15. Wipe the Bore Squeeg-E™ clean using a soft tissue or cloth. Pull it through the barrel from the chamber to the muzzle in a slow and steady manner only one time. Inspect the bore with light and some magnification if possible. If you have followed the steps outlined above the bore will show a brilliant mirror finish. CAUTION: Do not pull the Bore Squeeg-E™ through the bore a second time without first applying some type of lubricant. Otherwise damage to the dry Bore Squeeg-E™ could take place.

  16. image 16.png Apply Lubricant & Protectant* sparingly to the action of your firearm and any area that is likely to corrode.

  17. Always inspect the bore for any restrictions and reassemble your firearm. Test all actions and safeties prior to loading with live ammunition.

  18. Clean the Bore Squeeg-E™ and other tools with dish washing detergent and hot water.

Bore Squeeg-E™ Sizing Chart

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