Rogers Shooting School Red Dot Optic Glock Slide

Take your Glock to the next level!

This slide has been custom designed for the Rogers Shooting School to Bill Rogers specifications. It ships in a configuration to accept either a Trijicon RMR or Leupold DeltaPoint red dot sight. It simply replaces the factory slide on your current Gen 3 Glock 17 or 22.

The slide itself is exceptional quality and made of 1704 Billet Machined Stainless Steel and Coated in black DLC coating (92 Rockwell). The back platform has been milled down as low as we are able, to provide the lowest mount possible on a Glock slide for the red dot sight. This extra milling also allows us to keep the overall weight of the slide down and closer to the factory weight when the red dot is installed. The slide also includes Fixed AmeriGlo Suppressor High Sights, installation screws for the red dot sight, and the channel liner already pushed into place.

*Please note: Does Not Include Barrel, Recoil Unit, or Red Dot Sight

Rogers Shooting School Red Dot Optic Glock Slide

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The layout of the Rogers Shooting School Red Dot Optic Slide offers several advantages over other red dot slides. The most notable is placing the rear iron sight in front of the optic. This allows for a few very key situations:

  • First, it deflects debris and burnt power residue from hitting or coating the optic
  • During one-handed clearing exercises, you are putting pressure against the iron sight and not your expensive optic
  • With the optic at the back it allows a clearer, larger field of view
  • The red dot and rear iron sight act as a single unit instead of two separate ones that the eyes have to align

Slide with Optional Parts Kit

Red Dot Glock Slide with Parts
Red Dot Glock with RMR and Deltapoint

Red Dot Glock Examples:

RMR Red Dot Glock
Deltapoint Red Dot Glock

ALS P2 Optic Sight Holster:

Red Dot Glock Holster


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