Rogers Shooting School Recommended Tactical Holster

Used at the School for Reactive Pistol Training

Rogers Shooting School Recommended Holster

This tactical configuration is the Safariland holster and components combination used at the Rogers Shooting School for Reactive Pistol Training. After using it most students don't leave the school without purchasing one. It has become so popular and preferred because of its diverse applications, stability, and reliability.

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The Rogers Recommended Tactical Holster comes with these preselected components:

7384 Level I Retention Holster

  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered; simple straight up draw once the release is deactivated
  • Hood Guard installed
  • Open-top design without SLS for quick retrieval of weapon
  • Constructed of SafariSeven™, a proprietary nylon blend that is completely non-abrasive to a firearm's finish
  • Raised stand-off surfaces in the interior of the holster create air space around the weapon allowing dirt and moisture to quickly clear any contact with the firearm
  • Very high heat and low cold tolerances structurally sound from 300 degrees F to -50 degress F
  • Can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and function
  • Matte finish designed to decrease reflection and can be maintained with a simple scouring pad
  • Available in SafariSeven™ Plain Black and FDE Brown finishes

Safariland Single Strap Tactical Leg Shroud

  • The 6004 Tactical Leg shroud is a tactical holster thigh rig. This extremely strong and tough thigh rig conforms to your side to keep your holster as close to you body as possible
  • Made from extremely strong fiber-reinforced Nylon, this thigh rig withstands Safariland's rigorious "Snatch-Testing" standards

Quick Locking System (QLS) Kit

  • Comes with a QLS 19 & 22
  • The QLS male/female pair can be installed on any Safariland holster/back-piece combination. This enables you to quickly change your holster to another back-piece containing the QLS 22 as needed. The two parts, the QLS 19 and QLS 22 quickly and easily slide together and lock, forming a rock-solid attachment to your holster and leg shroud.
  • Quickly move your gun and holster from your leg shroud to your car dash, to your desk, bedside table, or closet wall and back to your leg shroud in seconds. Or used a single leg shroud and switch out different holster/gun combinations.

Universal Drop Flex Adapter (UFA)

  • Allows user to wear a thigh rig below the hip without shifting weight farther down the leg
  • Hole pattern on UFA allows it to connect to various primary support mounts
  • Three levels of height adjustment
  • For use in conjunction with 6004 leg shroud

Universal Injection Molded Mag Pouches

  • Flexible "accordion" design allows for multiple fits and minimal size
  • Fits magazines, flashlights, knives and multi-tools
  • Bolt attachment for use with quick attachment systems such as the ELS, QLS, MLS and tactical leg plates

7TS ALS Holster

7TS ALS Holster
Single Strap Leg Shroud
QLS 19
QLS 22
Molded Paddle
Universal Magazine Pouch